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What is Adult Whooping Cough? Reason 1: Irritated Airways After a Cold or Flu . The most common cause of About 1 out of 5 people who take ACE inhibitors develop a chronic, dry cough as a side effect. If you have this.

Cough for a day or two, and you may think you've picked up a cold or the flu. After a week, bronchitis or allergies may come to mind. . In most cases, cough-variant asthma produces a persistent, dry cough that occurs around . Pertussis began to resurface in adolescents and adults because the original.

Coughs associated with a cold or the flu tend to last a week or 2, most and adults) may also help with a dry cough associated with a cold and sore throat.

In both children and adults, it's common for dry coughs to linger for several weeks after a cold or flu has passed. Other possible.

Most dry coughs are lingering symptoms of colds and flus, but there Dry coughs can last for weeks after the acute symptoms of your cold or flu.