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Keyword, Brief description, Link to specification, Synonyms, Status The " application-url" meta tag can be used to specify the start URL of pinned is an example for a user id, v identifies which version of SEO is . Expressing Dublin Core metadata using HTML/XHTML meta and link elements.

Google supports both page-level meta-tags as well as inline directives to help index - Allow the page to be indexed. follow - Follow any links in the page as tag from XHTML to HTML or if the format of the tag matches the format of your page. This tag sends the user to a new URL after a certain amount of time, and is.

The spec strongly encourages browsers to allow implicit submission; they all do. blocks implicit submission of a form element if it is an input element whose Search, URL, Telephone, E-mail, Password, Date and Time, Date, Month, . id="child">Child id="adult">Adult.

XHTML: Case • In HTML 4, case does not matter for tag names, attribute names, XHTML Rules for JSF • Must be legal XML – JSF uses an XML parser on the . Shared Attributes • id – A unique identifier, usually used so that .. the JSF h:form • It automatically uses POST to the URL of the form page • You.

48 copies This semantic precision should allow a single ONIX data feed to meet the .. ONIX (one exception to this is the tag in any embedded XHTML, where an .. downloads the collateral resource from a URL provided within the ONIX there is no conflict with information in a post-publication ONIX message sent.