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New Adult Badminton Club in Airdrie North Lanarkshire Leisure become the latest organisation to launch a new club under the Smash in2.

Welcome to the Unicorn Badminton Club website. As a visitor/occasional player or club member, as little as £5 a night (adults) or £3 (students and older.

Aspire Badminton Club is an inclusive badminton club in Cambridge, providing accessible badminton for everyone. Whatever Badminton for adults (coached).

Badminton Club in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Evenlode Badminton Club is one of the oldest badminton clubs in Abingdon and was established nearly 60 years ago. Evenlode adult club badminton starts back on Monday 2nd September.

Kettering Badminton Club play on Friday nights both socially and competitively Our Adult Senior Club play on a Wednesday night 7pm to 9pm using two courts.