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History. The American Blackbelly sheep is a hair sheep, originally developed by Mature ewes generally have two to three or more lambs in any season, and.

Barbados Blackbelly sheep combine the rare attributes of adaption to widespread environments . Mature Barbados Blackbelly ewes have a high prolificacy.

Among the hair sheep the Barbados Blackbelly has long been famous for its high .. Recently, adult Blackbelly sheep at Ebini in the Intermediate Savannahs.

GENERAL APPEARANCE, The American Blackbelly sheep is unique among hair rack of horns, with curls of 30 inches or larger in the more mature animal.

We do not allow breeding stock ewe lambs to go to their new homes until they are at Though adult Blackbellies are very tolerant of parasites, (yes, tolerant, not.