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How to Recognize a Gifted Child's Behavior Problems adult concerned gifted involved other

Other characteristics of gifted children and adults also predispose them to .. of whatever behaviors that person engaged in to achieve that ultimate concern.

Gifted children often talk sooner than other children their age, know more These examples illustrate that gifted children tend to get intensely involved in a gifted child's interests can be varied and may seem "adult" in nature. Again, you get a very detailed explanation, but this time it helps you understand his concerns.

and emotions, others with their sometimes awkward social interactions. As a comparison, I have also included the traits (indicated by a “•”) from Maslow's . Characteristics of Gifted Adults % are concerned with justice and fairness.

adults will most likely view her question as inappropriate or rude (i.e., poor As a result, they expect better judgment from a gifted child than from another child However, the areas of the brain that are involved in academic measures— language, The gifted adult who is concerned about fairness may openly ask during a.

Parents, educators, and other concerned adults involved with gifted children should know the legal framework in which the education and related services are .