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What to Do If Your Dog Is Leaking Urine adult dog bladder problems

Although urinary incontinence can afflict dogs of any age, breed or gender, it is most often seen in middle-aged to older spayed females; cocker spaniels.

Urinary problems can cause your dog pain and discomfort, so being able to quickly recognize the signs can It's also more common in mature and male dogs.

By Diana Bocco. Incontinence in dogs can be a symptom of many different conditions, so getting to the cause is essential, says Dr. Jeffrey Levy, doctor of.

Dog incontinence is when a pet involuntary loses control over their bladder. It often affects older dogs at night and results in them peeing inside.

Urinary incontinence - the inability to hold urine in the bladder is common in older dogs. This is one more example of how similar humans and dogs are as they.