Thousands of sex offenders discovered on MySpace - Reuters - adult sexual myspace


MySpace Adult Content Viewer, More Evil MySpace Adware adult sexual myspace

Social networks are increasingly being used to distribute adware and spyware. The latest nasty to hit the network is the MySpace Adult Content Viewer, which first started appearing at the end of September, and was the subject of an investigation by LiveCrunch today.

Please don't use our upload feature to host any sexually explicit videos or images . We're not in the business of profiting from adult-oriented content and there.

With the MySpace of Sex, you can make sure your potential It was just another adult site with professional porn stars posed in low res photos.

"Carl H.", a registered sex offender, writes in after being locked out by I am devoted to my fully adult girlfriend, and have no desire for minors.

MySpace profiles, deleting mentions of sex and booze and boosting use MySpace to brag about sex, drugs & violence - but not if adults are.