Food Orgasm: Recipe 1: BETTER THAN SEX CAKE - chocolate orgasm cake


How to make Orgasm Cake - chocolate orgasm cake

Chocolate Orgasm Cake. Ingredients: Chocolate Fudge Cake · Orange Syrup · Chocolate Mousse (for cakes) · Chocolate Ganache · French Vanilla Buttercream.

The bride and groom baked a Chocolate Orgasm Cake for each table. There were over guests and each table had their own special cake!.

1 lg. pkg. instant chocolate pudding 8 crushed Heath bars (regular size) 1 pkg. Devils food cake mix. Mix pudding like it says. Make cake like it.

Chocolate Orgasm. (10). Recipe by This is truly a chocolate lovers fantasy come true! The outer edge was like a fudgy cake and the gooey chocolatey cente.

For chocolate lovers, here you have the most exotic chocolate cake you can make on your own, it´s easy and delicious. by vicmic.