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Charades Adult Astronaut Helmet Costume Accessory for sale online | eBay helmut astronaut adult

Take one small step for man in this Astronaut Helmet. It is all white with orange stripes, a NASA decal, and American flag sticker. There are cutouts to let in air.

We know you have, because it's way too much fun to not do, and it's much easier than actually becoming an astronaut. But until then, just put this Astronaut Helmet on your noggin, and you can feel a little bit like the dashing space jockey you've always wanted to be.

Don't be stranded in space without your space helmet! Get this exclusive Astronaut Adult Helmet and complete your astronaut costume this year.

Sep 25, Adult Size Space Helmet Halloween Costume Alien Astronaut Outer Space | eBay.

astronaut helmet In order to protect the safety of astronauts, to use astronaut helmet. Charades Adult Astronaut Helmet Costume Accessory.