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SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AND ABUSE | Conduct in UN Field Missions sexual explotation

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) represents a fundamental failure of protection. It brings harm to those we are mandated to protect and it jeopardizes the.

Sexual exploitation and abuse represents a catastrophic failure to protect the people we serve. It causes harm and runs counter to all we do to work for better.

Sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment violate human rights and are a betrayal of the core values of the United Nations. The UNFPA Oversight Policy embodies the principle of zero tolerance for wrongdoing, including sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment.

Addressing sexual exploitation and abuse is a top priority of the Secretary- General and the entire leadership of the United Nations. This site covers the concrete.

Combatting sexual exploitation and abuse. All UNDP staff and other personnel must adhere to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct at all.