The multiple orgasm: Does it exist and who knows for sure? - the myth behind the multiple orgasm


The search for the multiple orgasm - does it really exist? | Life and style | The Guardian the myth behind the multiple orgasm

Here's what we know so far about the clitoris and G-spot. Not because women can't have multiple orgasms. . fail to 'find' their G-spot, because they fail to respond to stimulation as the G-spot myth suggests that they should.

Q. Are multiple orgasms a myth? We've all heard about them but to my knowledge I've never had one and neither have any of my friends.

Yet when it comes to other myths about vaginal orgasms, old habits die hard. Myth #2: All People with Vaginas Are Multi-Orgasmic.

This week's question comes from a reader who wanted to know more about whether it is truly possible for women to have several orgasms in a.

If you're looking for tips on how to improve your odds of experiencing the mythical multiple orgasm, you can find some helpful tips here and.