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Bath time has become the symbol of self care for stressed American women. It's not just a social media trend, says Brandi Halls, Lush's director of . and Nielsen estimates U.S. adults devote more than 10 hours each day to their screens .. These powerful videos use people's stories of coming out to help.

A look at the bar soap and body care markets for bath and shower products for and beyond Here, we report their findings on the biggest trends of the next two In the US, 36% of consumers currently don't use mindfulness In the US, 53% of adults agree that self-care is important for their wellbeing.

Fifty-seven per cent of respondents said they would choose a shower, compared to just 32 per cent who chose baths. Three-quarters of those who preferred showers said they liked them because they were faster and more than half of respondents said they felt cleaner after a shower.

The shower gets more use than the bathtub in many households. Association, in an email interview about current kitchen and bath trends.

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