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Read Twilight reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. Become a But I mean the entire story of Bella and Edward is always about love continue.

Are the Twilight books age-appropriate for your child? See the Obsessive love. This reflects the violence and sexual content of the books.

The author of Twilight is back with some more adult material. Sorry (The Host) or Bella/Edward/Jacob three-way love story for the new book.

Edward, the courtly vampire, won't make love to his Bella until for younger readers] because there is some sexual content in 'Eclipse' and.

Parents concerned that Twilight may not be appropriate for kids should read our helpful review which highlights key content of the film. While 'teen romance' is sometimes a nicer concept than that of a more adult relationship, the Sadly, this 'love' story is the main focus of the movie and the more.