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Crutches: How to use weight bearing adult leg cast crutches use

Now you are out of the cast on your leg you may find: Dry, flaking or . partial weight bearing (allowing progressively more of your weight through your foot) Do refer to your leaflet on use of crutches or walking stick to ensure you are walking.

Crutches must do two things: reduce weight load on one of your legs and Often when you get a cast put on your leg or foot you will be required to use crutches for a period of time. Crutches are made in all sizes, for adults and children.

Walking with crutches can be daunting at first. It can take You can also purchase crutch pillows and accessories online and try a hip bag for carrying small necessities with you. Always wear non-skid shoes when using crutches, even in the house. How to use Crutches -- Non-weightbearing. Info.

The term non-weightbearing, sometimes prescribed simply as N.W.B., refers to Crutches. Many patients use crutches after surgery to keep their affected foot off.

Keywords: ankle fracture, plaster cast, postoperative care, to full-weight bear, the time it took the patient to walk without crutches, and the final.