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Welcome to the Adult Literacy and Numeracy (ALAN) CD-ROM. Practice Tests: Numeracy Level 1 and 2. Literacy Level 1 and 2.

Adult Literacy & Numeracy. (ALAN). Course leader:Mrs C Harris & Mr D Knowles . Why study the ALAN course? The ALAN course is designed to show potential.

In the past I have worked in FE teaching Literacy and Numeracy ALAN stands for Adult Literacy and Numeracy, which would explain the.

What is ALAN? (Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy) Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy qualifications sit under the Skills for Life umbrella. Often referred to as .

Level 1 is equivalent to an E at GCSE and Level 2 is equivalent to a B, at least that's what our school was told. Whether or not level 2 compares to a B @ GCSE .