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6 Ways Your Vagina Changes After Birth big flappy vagina

Experts debunk common vagina myths, including whether you can 'stretch' from sex, and . She said: "A big no-no for me is a vaginal douche.

My vaginal lips hang out of my bathing suit because they're so long. Some young women may have been born with bigger labia, while others.

And that garbage, locker room rum0r about longer labia, or a "big vagina," indicating you've had more sexual partners? That's completely and.

I have been insecure about the way my vagina looks for as long as I can remember. When I was young, I would fantasize about the day I would.

Vulvas and labia often grow bigger and darker as your body develops, so that's Tags: body image, labia, masturbation, vagina, vulva.