Is it OK to spank?: parenting advice from Care and Feeding. - spank both my husband and son


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My husband is so quick to spank our son lately (I've noticed this change in I am more of a yeller, which I don't like either, because these two.

My parents watch them one or two days a week while my husband and I We are against hitting our children, but I was spanked as a child and.

Boyfriend Spanked My Son We are both in the army. Given that he is not the child's father, it is up to the OP to take the lead, let her feelings.

I never spanked my kids but not because I thought it was wrong but because I Both of these imply -in my mind- that you're striking your child more than once.

My husband and I were both spanked as kids and we understand Not the most child-friendly approach, but I see what they were trying to do.