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Asian people or Asiatic people are people who descend from a portion of Asia's population. Russians are classified as Southern and Eastern Europeans while Middle Easterners are classified as North African and Middle Easterners.

European Russia is the western part of the Russian Federation, which is in Eastern Europe. With a population of million people, European Russia has about 77% of The eastern portion of Russia, mostly encompassing Siberia, is part of Asia and makes up more than 75% of the territory with 22% of the country's.

So, speaking from a general perception standpoint, Indians are considered Asians because they’re on the Asian sub-continent. The question is, if Indians are considered Asian, why not Russians? Maria Sharapova doesn’t strike me as Asian, for example, and neither does Fedor.

As Lev Gumilev, a Russian historian and one of the most authoritative Eurasianists (those who consider Russia a Eurasian, Western-Eastern.

Russian #Asian #Ethnicity Russia is located on the Asian continent. But are Russians actually considered Asian? In this video we attempt to.