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Asian Agri guilty of tax evasion | Vincentius Amin Sutanto asian agri tax fraud

Indonesia's Asian Agri Group, one of Asia's largest palm oil producers which was found guilty of tax evasion in , has agreed to pay trillion rupiah (S$ million) in fines after the Attorney General's Office threatened to seize its assets. The company, whose palm oil can.

A palm oil conglomerate found guilty of tax evasion in , has agreed to pay Rp trillion (US$ million) in fines in a deal that will allow.

Asian Agri is an Indonesian palm oil company, founded in by Sukanto Asian Agri and its owner, Sukanto Tanoto, were involved in major tax fraud.

In only one of thousands of transactions, Asian Agri's subsidiary, PT Inti It says it wants to push tax evasion and money laundering up the.

The government charged that between and , Asian Agri managers devised a sophisticated tax-avoidance scheme involving