Masturbating on Periods: A Seductive Guide to Female Self-Pleasure - masturbate while on period


Six Reasons Why You Should Masturbate While On Your Period – Lunette masturbate while on period

Some women have a higher sex drive during their period. Endorphins released by orgasms may help relieve menstrual cramps.

Some women feel a special type of arousal during periods. Why not use it to its full potential then? Learn all about masturbating during periods and explore your .

From one vagina owner to another, let me say that there's nothing more relaxing, healthy, and amazing-feeling than masturbating. Mix that with being on your.

How you feel during your period can vary from period to period. One month you might feel crampy and bloated and want to curl up in bed — other months, you.

But if that alone is putting you off masturbating while you're on your period, that's a real shame – because a period self-love sesh can be bloody.