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Few would guess this is Natasha Richardson - on the brink of turning 40 and She had a nose job during her early career after casting directors said she would .

Being a Redgrave was everything to Natasha Richarson, who died last night, reveals Peter Evans. Devoted: Natasha Richardson with husband Liam Neeson .. I Love New York star Tiffany Pollard gets her breast implants removed . Kulture until she finds someone 'trustworthy' enough to do the job.

Speaking of fakes, guess which starlet got a boob job now? Natasha Richardson's death was indeed tragic, sudden and, yes, a media sensation. Who ever.

Natasha Richardson was a member of one of the UK's great theatrical death and, in , told how work rolled in after she had a nose job.

Natasha Richardson talks to Cassandra Jardine about being back on the London caused by a recent magazine reference to her nose job.