Urban Dictionary: check his ass - check his ass


Tiny, aggressive sh*t-talker writes a check his ass can’t cash : theCHIVE check his ass

It's when going down the road and you see a cop who is frisking a local drug dealer you feel the urge to roll down the window and yell "check.

That rudeboy was in ska concert gear; he had all his checks on. I'm going to a Boy Im going to check the shit out your ass: mop top carrot top looking ass nigga.

walked by. I just had to look at his booty. Why so you have to Ass Check me so much. When a guy purposely bumps into you just to touch your ass. "Gosh.

"Your mouth is writing checks your ass can't cash," is something TV Dr. Phil McGraw's father said to him as a boy when he would voice wild plans or notions.

An action wherein a person watches another person work, without helping. Generally standing behind the person working.