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The Weirdest Animal Penises of All Time. List Rules Vote up the most unusual animal penis. And maybe you should check out your pet at home, since "red rocket" dog and "genitally-barbed" cat penises are some of the most unusual peckers out there.

There are at least 15 different types of penises, according to sex experts. having to a little spiral-y strand off your tongue isn't exactly fun.

How many times have you stopped short in a sexting session, longing for a more elaborate euphemism for your man's penis? "Cock" and "dick" are so harsh-sounding, "penis" is clinical — and that's where the common options really run out. It's a joke, but euphemisms for the male.

This dick joke works better than most, because it highlights their awkwardness. Penises are funny mostly because, in spite of what they signify.

While Google is awash with penis enlargement advice, sadly, most of these tactics are simply myths and won't help to add length.