Baby Arugula, Fennel, and Manchego Cheese Salad • Salt & Lavender - shaved baby fennel


Fennel Orange Salad Recipe | Pen & Fork shaved baby fennel

1 cup baby fennel, cubed; 2 cups heavy cream; 1 cup fennel fronds; 1 tbsp. Toasted fennel seed; ¼ lb french ham, shaved; ½ cup gruyere cheese, shredded .

Raw fennel adds great flavor to salads like the Brisket and Root Vegetable Salad, but if it's too thickly sliced, it can be fibrous and tough to eat. By shaving fennel.

Salad of Shaved Baby Fennel, Apple and Smoked Mackerel. And my Norwegian Ancestry. Smoked mackerel is one of those love-it-or-hate-it.

Baby Arugula and Shaved Fennel with Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette. chopped arugula on a cutting board. Recipe courtesy of Harvard University Dining Services.

How to make arugula salad with shaved fennel, feta cheese and a simple orange vinaigrette. 1 fennel bulb. 2 cups baby arugula. 1/4 cup.