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There are some weird-ass guys out there. 2. That's one weird-ass hairdo Damn , Sheniqua that weird ass, nasty, Texas Chainsaw lookin, hoebag, keeps lookin.

weird-ass definition: Adjective (comparative more weird-ass, superlative most weird-ass) 1. (slang) very strangeOrigin weird +‎ -ass.

From wombat butts sculpting cube-shaped poops and fish that poop out our beach sand, to turtles that can breathe through their anuses, there.

Their children also scored higher IQs, perhaps because the fat stored around the buttocks and thighs is high in omega-3 acids, which help a.

People Are Comparing "Weird Things" Lost Up Their Butts. things in butt. Oh, the things you can find on Twitter. And yes, that's a Buzz Lightyear.