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Cum Again: Why Can’t Men Have Multiple Orgasms? | MEL Magazine how do i cum twice

We don't cum twice in a row, let alone three or four times. While women can go on and on and on, men get their fix of pleasure and it's over.

methods for those who want to experience the big-O twice in a row. I mean, you'll cum eventually, but it isn't the point of having tantric sex.

An orgasm triggers the release of prolactine and prolactine in turn makes you sleepy and induces a refractory phase response. How long it takes between.

The male orgasm is, to use the most clichéd metaphor in the book, a rollercoaster ride. Not because it involves a thrilling series of ups and.

Is it really possible to cum twice as a man? Yes. Although most men term this as a blatant lie, it is actually very possible. Some say you need to.