Marvel Might Be Bringing the First Gay Superhero to the Big Screen in The Eternals - gay super hero story


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What do you do when you meet the new superhero in town? [email protected] NotLoudJustProud "This is a great story, I have been telling everyone the name of the book.

It wasn't always cool to be a gay crimefighter, so let's delve into three of the first gay superhero couples to ever grace the pages of a comic.

But times change, and audiences want to find more ways to relate to the stories they consume. Readers want to know that superheroes don't discriminate, and.

to i09, hedging a bit by adding: “How that impacts the story remains to be seen. Marvel has been teasing the idea of a gay superhero in the MCU since as Featuring a gay superhero as one of the leads in “The Eternals”.

There is an old Superman story from the 80s known as “When you wish upon a story. Whether a Superhero is Gay, Straight, Male, Female, Emo, Scottish, etc.