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TLC announced Trading Spaces is coming back to the network, although A gay man working as an interior designer was not a groundbreaking idea, . Doug Wilson, the designer who was tall, handsome, clearly gay, and.

Keeping Up Appearances. By Jim Crescitelli Watermark (Apr. 25, ). Designer Doug Wilson from Trading Spaces talks about the gay aesthetic, decorating.

Executive summary: Interior decorator on Trading Spaces A different Douglas Wilson () was a gay activist in Saskatchewan, Canada. Father: Tom.

Although fans of "Trading Spaces" have been disputing designer Doug Wilson's sexual preference for years, Mr. Wilson is straight. He has been married and.

Douglas Wilson, Dougie Wilson or Doug Wilson may refer to: Academics[edit]. Douglas Wilson Douglas Wilson (interior designer), designer on the television program Trading Spaces; Doug Wilson (Weeds character), fictional character rugby union player; Douglas Wilson (activist) (–), gay activist from Canada.