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This article describes the many different and exciting kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states that women can have. It is focused on the female.

Shekina has written a 10 step guide to achieving a full body orgasm. the root of my erection presses on my prostate or g-spot area, which in.

The G-spot is responsible for some of the most intense orgasms a woman can have, including squirting, full body, and even (what some women.

If the clitoris is like climbing a mountain, the cervix (and the G-spot for that matter) is like scaling a series of rolling hills. You get to the top of one.

The G-spot orgasm would be more like a sparkly unicorn because Rather than dividing orgasms into clitoral, vaginal, and G-spot, they should all be The clitoris is made up of the glans (body) and crura (roots), and the.