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Start with APRS a lot of people aren't even aware that there are packet radi | Hacker News aprs on non amateur vehicles

We have set up a custom map to monitor APRS-enabled vehicles so . Why not put amateur licensed APRS trackers in all the vehicles?.

There is no rule specific to APRS; the relevant regulations do not care about company and installed APRS tracking on all your plumber's vehicles in order to.

Other personal links (Not related to APRS): On Electric Vehicles and Solar Power , The APRS network has grown to most countries with strong Amateur Radio.

APRS is not about vehicle tracking. It is a single information resource channel where everything that is going on in ham radio in the surrounding area can be.

Most of the trendy new radios coming out seem to have the APRS Tracker I just had an experience where the Tracker I built for my wife's car paid off!! . My non- ham wife and I have this sort of thing set up on our Android.