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Todd Reesing sees restored energy around KU football program todd reesing fist pump

Sparky, while I enjoy your energy, you need to tone down the fist pump. It's overused. Although, the face Reesing makes when he does the fist.

Can we just get a Todd Reesing Fist pump statue? Obviously KU has All timers that far exceed Todd, my argument for Todd is that he was a.

Can you believe my best friend once made fun of me for having a crush on one Mr. Todd Reesing? If you still don't, this out of Lawrence today.

In many ways Todd Reesing and Baker Mayfield were cut from the same cloth. And he had a flair for fist-pumping and celebrating with fiery.

Todd Reesing threw a yard bomb to Dezmon Briscoe in the end zone surgically-repaired shoulder out of its socket, the ensuing first pump.