15 things that say you’re way too mature for your age - too mature for age


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I knew I was too mature for my age when I was in elementary school. I would hang around the recess aids instead of interacting with the other.

Helga Weber. 1. You find that you circulate more towards the adults in the room. 2. People your age intimidate you because you have a difficult.

Here's my two cents: Your an old soul. I can't say that it's a bad thing but you probably come off as condescending to kids your age. Your not alone. There are .

Signs You're Too Mature For Your Age. Though it is something everyone eventually has to do, growing up isn't always fun! Click for full article.

Being neglected by my Nmother from almost the moment I was born turned me into that girl that's always "too mature for her age". Today, I realized all the.