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Q&A: Opinions On Buying A Huge Dildo For My Wife? wives who like dildos

It's all to do with fantasizing aswell, some women like to think about other men or scenarios and it's fun to do that with a dildo that is larger or smaller than your.

I too would like to use one on my wife to spice things up - and she;s far Star,,, tell me what it is that you like about a dildo when you are with.

I am married and at times I end up cumming too fast and the wife is not done yet. We have a few toys but no dildos, so my question is what do you.

I bought bought my wife a dildo (8"x")about 3 months ago. She "acted" like it was no big deal but I have noticed that she cums within a.

Greek men once gifted their wives dildos when they went off to war so they issued to women to not stick the thing up your vag like a dildo.