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Branson explains kitesurfing with a naked chick on his back | Seabreeze richard branson supermodel naked

Oct 20, Richard Branson is famous for his publicity stunts to promote the launch of a business or a project. He has scaled buildings, flown over the.

A few years ago, a photo emerged of Richard Branson (yes, Mr Virgin himself), kitesurfing with a naked girl on his back. Many kitesurfers didn't even know Branson could kitesurf, let alone do it with a 70kg naked lady clinging to his neck. Once, a delightful photographer turned up.

Jan 28, The Story Behind Richard Branson's Naked Kitesurfing Photo by photographer Stephane Gautronneau and features model Denni Parkinson.

Apr 5, VIDEO: The Virgin Group founder recounts how the now iconic photoshoot came about, and what his wife did upon seeing it.

Sep 1, When Richard Branson happened to be photographed kitesurfing with a gorgeous, naked girl on his back, the photo went viral and became.