What is this substance on my penis? - why is the white stuff on my penis


why is the white stuff on my penis

It sounds like what you're describing is smegma, a white substance produced by the penis glands that appears under the foreskin. Smegma is perfectly natural.

I wash my penis with water every day, but it has an odour and some white stuff on it that washes off with water, but the next day it's back again.

If you do not wash your penis every day, a cheesy-looking substance called can cause an unusual white, yellow or green discharge from the tip of your penis, .

Question. The main problem is that after two or three days without any bath, I can see a white substance on the head of my penis. It seems to be.

Smegma is the thick, white, cheesy substance that collects under the foreskin of the penis. It's more common in uncircumcised men who don't.