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in which the author argues that the traditional anchoring rules of thumb is where Hancock lays out the facts surrounding the catenary curve.

designated catenary pole. Poles must be oriented 16' Steel Catenary Poles. 5 % Sag. 5% Sag As a rule of thumb, plan on a sag of 5% of the cable span for.

In physics, the catenary is the shape of a hanging flexible chain or cable when supported at its ends and acted upon by a . leading to the rule-of-thumb formula .

Technical paper. Abstract: The suspension of certain polygonal films by the ver- tices and without edge reinforcement is examined. In par- ticular, shapes into.

A Rule of Thumb for the Suspension of Film Sheets Without Catenaries. Gyula Greschik,; Thomas Murphey,; Martin Mikulas and; W. Belvin.