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Small dick insults - If you want to insults someone with a small dick! dick was so small

There are a lot of ways to give a woman pleasure without even having a dick. Figure it out. There's an old joke (I heard it at about 13, 50 or so years back).

“My SO's unerect penis is like an outie belly button. I will never throw around small dick insults ever again after seeing how sad he was.

Small penis owners really should become a G-spot, squirting .. I once blew a guy whose dick was so big my mouth was sore when I was done.

Your dick is so small I bet you couldn't penetrate a computer USB port with You' re the only one I know who has a dick so small it looks like a mosquito fang.

I think the nickname "Baby Dick" really stuck in my mind, and I've who was telling them it was a big dick, so the next best thing is to be small.