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Nudists observe social norms, but do so without clothes. So, when we have to pee, we do so just like others - alone and in a bathroom. Of course, we are not shy Have any women ever peed outside in front of a male friend? 57, Views.

They pee in the same places textiles pee. * In their homes, they pee in toilets. * Outside their homes on their property, they pee wherever they want. (Even my.

Very few US nudist parks have common toilet facilities for men and women, Do naked people you hike with or travel with feel comfortable Yet I've often seen men get out from cars and trucks and urinate in public places.

Actually, my stepmom pees outside in the backyard if shes out w. the dogs. I know it sounds crazy, but its not lol. Shes a crazy putykamandragora.info no.

r/nudism: This subreddit is dedicated to genuine Nudism and Naturism. Im fine to pee outdoors within view but I don't need to be wiping my ass in front of anyone. level 2 I can see integrating the showers, but I'm fine separating toilet areas.