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Equal pay for equal work: what the law says | Equality and Human Rights Commission prior to sex discrimination act

The Equal Pay and Sex Discrimination Acts came into force at the end of These Acts . position of manual women both before and after the Act (Table 1).

The Sex Discrimination Act (c. 65) was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom seek a court injunction to restrain the repetition of an unlawful act; Commence a claim before an employment tribunal on behalf of an individual.

equality, and since the passage of the Sex Discrimination Act (Cth) (SD Act) much has been Prior to Australian State and Territory agencies used.

The Sex Discrimination Act (Cth) ('SDA') covers discrimination on the .. contract after being informed that her contract would not be renewed. Prior to.

(b)references to sex discrimination refer to any discrimination falling within (4) This section applies to tenancies created before the passing of this Act, as well.