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What Is a Queef & 3 Steps to Stop Queefing Forever queefing sex

Is it normal to queef during sex? Queefing at the height of passion happens to everyone with a vagina at some point or another—I'm sorry.

Dr. Loanzon says a queef is just the passage of air through the vaginal canal. A queef happens when air pushed in from something like sexual.

Sex involves bodies, and bodies do weird things sometimes. Even if queefing sounds kind of like a fart, there are no intestinal gasses being.

Wondering if queefing — AKA vaginal farts — during sex is normal? We've got the expert advice you need to keep calm and carry on.

A queef is the sound air makes when it gets displaced or otherwise forced And here's a fun sex-queefing fact: If you notice that your queefs.