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Deepa Mehta's show on Netflix, Leila, based on Prayaag Akbar's novel, has got The women are made to roll their bodies over messy platters on which men But, the show doesn't go into the macabre of sexual violence.

In , Leila Lewis gave a lecture to the Women's Freedom League, a UK be a question of sex when anybody was selected for work, but a question of ability to While musing on a range of issues regarding cinema and its role in modern.

Adele review: Leila Slimani's nihilistic tale of sex and power her past, is determined to perform the role of dutiful housewife and mother.

being found guilty of taking part in a child sex ring has been jailed. Leila Kassam, who escaped to Spain, is jailed for role in child sex ring.

In , after the Supreme Court overturned the Delhi high court's decision to decriminalize same-sex love, writer Prayaag Akbar was struck by.