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'Millions of children used as sex slaves' - report sold as sex slaves

Sexual slavery and sexual exploitation is attaching the right of ownership over one or more . Child sex trafficking often involves child pornography. Children are commonly purchased and sold for sexual purposes without the parents knowing.

The history of sexual slavery in the United States is the history of slavery for the purpose of Native American women were often captured to be traded, sold, or taken as wives. Currently, under federal law, a prostitute is considered a victim of .

When I was a little girl in my native Belgium, I was put to work as a sex slave. My mother sold me, and drove me wherever, whenever she got.

Child sex slavery can happen -- hidden in plain sight -- in our own backyards. Literally in her backyard in "Julie's" case. "People have the idea.

In Kyrgyzstan, she was sold into sex slavery and trafficked into Dubai. After 18 months, she was arrested and sent to jail. Today, Karimova.