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A drug to boost female sex drive could be worth billions to the company hope that ease of arousal will translate to increased sexual desire.

Next, the only drug that has been shown to increase women's interest in sex is . symptoms homeopathic medicines can help to increase the sexual desire to.

Despite being a prevalent female complaint, currently no standard treatment for low sexual desire exists. Homeopathy may offer a safe and.

Plb. Violent sexual excitement in women. — Ferula Glauca A very marked increase of sexual desire, withfrequent erections, especially at night.

Find support in Libido for Women for the physical and emotional aspects of female sexual health with this no nonsense, easy to take, homeopathic remedy. Liquid format is simple to administer and absorbs quickly; Medicinal grade alcohol base. gluten free soy free nut When symptoms improve, resume general dosing.