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"Love is letting go," wrote year-old Noa Pothoven in a note to her Instagram followers. Hers was the dreadful story of a teenager with a desperate mental illness who starved herself to death. She had once enquired about euthanasia without telling her parents - but was turned.

News that spread across English-language media on Tuesday about a Dutch teenager being euthanized because of severe depression was.

A year-old girl in Netherlands, who survived rape in her childhood, died after being assisted by the state to end her life because of her unbearable psychological suffering and long struggle with depression. Noa Pothoven, who penned an award-winning book on her battle with.

Photo: A BDD thumb (left) and a normal thumb (right) by Rosa Lin/Medill News Service “What happened to your thumb? A thumb was outstretched in the circle of sixth-graders. I'm a 13 year old girl and I really want acrilic nails but I'm afraid they will look stupid .. I am Dutch and have 2 of thse thumbs.

A Dutch tourist died on Thursday when she fell off a cliff during a tour inside the 21s10ekab-thumb-large-thumb-largethumb-large.