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Sarah Silverman says she gave Louis C.K. consent to masturbate in front of her | PhillyVoice howard stern masturbate

Silverman, appearing today on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show, comic Louis C.K. masturbate, but for Silverman the act was consensual.

Silverman told Howard Stern on his radio show that she thought Louis CK had “ remorse” for his actions, almost a year after several women.

In an interview with Howard Stern this morning, comedian Sarah Silverman said that earlier in their careers Louis C.K. But unlike the women cited by the New York Times who came forward with sexual-misconduct allegations against C.K. last year that he later admitted were true, for.

Comedian Sarah Silverman revealed to Howard Stern on Monday that she consented to Louis C.K. masturbating in front of her, on occasion.

Sarah made the pretty startling reveal Monday on the 'Howard Stern Show' She says he asked if he could masturbate, and she told him, "F**k.