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Outside of the one guy who can actually grow a full beard in high school, most of us are dealing with peach fuzz and our patchy spots. Facial hair comes in all colors and styles, but your first step to teenage grooming is the age old test of time. Anyone who knows facial hair knows.

Boys, BO and Peach Fuzz: What to Expect in Puberty As your son approaches his teens, body odor and fuzz sprouting from his chin may.

Most boys will start gaining an increased amount of hair on the lip and chin in the early stages of puberty so “peach fuzz” may become visible.

Hello guys, I'm 16 and for the past year or so I've been removing the ugly looking dark peach fuzz above my upper lip and around my chin and.

So, without being too specific, I'm in the later years of teenage-hood. I still grow facial hair which looks a bit like the hair you grow on your arms/ legs; as in you.