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WOMAN suffers from five-day erection of the clitoris after | Daily Mail Online i m proud of my clitoris

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Actually, I'd have to say, as a proud owner of one, it is the most fascinating part of the body and something I'm pretty happy to have. Granted.

Did you know that a hyena's clitoris is as large as a penis and that it can become erect? But what about the human clitoris? To find out more, we.

Helen O'Connell's map of the clitoris is used worldwide. I'm only three minutes late to meet O'Connell, but her medical secretary is phoning, . says O'Connell, suddenly crying behind her desk, "she was very proud.".

I love to have my clit touched, but I also enjoy it when a partner licks or When I' m masturbating, I actually do like a firm pressure and I move.