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If you want to know more, follow the various “transgender” topics. are a combination of factors to account for cross-dressing and it isn't simply psychology .

The Psychology of Cross-Dressing - The Book of Life is the 'brain' of The School Though it may sound peculiar, in all this, the transvestite is only guided by the.

As for transgender hormone treatments, when hormones begin to align with gender identity, psychological stress can decrease immensely.

What we social psychologists might call gender norms and stereotypes . gender (e.g., transgender individuals) or between sex and sexuality (e.g., lesbian .. ones such as reactions to assertive women or submissive men?.

Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing and other accoutrements commonly Cross-dressing is not synonymous with being transgender. . with submission and frivolity mean that in the present time a woman dressing cross- dressing by itself as a psychological problem, unless it interferes with a person's life.