Men with FART fetishes reveal how they indulge in sexual fantasises and why flatulence arouses them - celebrity fart fetish


Meet the Men Who Have a Fart Fetish - VICE celebrity fart fetish

This story will contain frats,farting,butt,shrinking,assgass licking and of your not of fan of those fetishes than please don't read it this is for my bro.

If you don't like farts or burps then I suggest you leave now or click somewhere else, if you do however please enjoy! Disclaimer: In-between.

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada. Let's talk about farts. A couple of weeks ago, a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam was forced to.

Men with FART fetishes open up about kinky sex lives and unusual fantasies . ShowbizX Factor: Celebrity's Samira Mighty excites fans with.

Nancy Grace's alleged fart on "Dancing with the Stars" has made her VERY popular among Flatulophiliacs - or people that have a STRANGE.