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Surgical Abortion - Awake under local anaesthetic | BPAS local anaesthetics numb vagina

An instrument is inserted into the vagina and local anaesthetic is used to numb the cervix (neck of the womb). Once the anaesthetic has taken effect a.

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Toxic symptoms after local anaesthetic administration are Similar rules apply in the case of vaginal bleeding after the . The earliest manifestation of the generalised toxicity of a local anaesthetic is numbness or tingling of.

Do not use soaps, bubble-baths, deodorants or vaginal wipes in or around the vulval area. If sex is still painful even with a lubricant, try using the local anaesthetic which are used to numb areas of the skin that would otherwise feel pain.

Occasionally, a local anaesthetic may be used to numb your cervix (entrance to the an instrument called a speculum may be inserted into your vagina to hold it .